when your mom is always the first to ‘like’ all of your instagram posts


Preparing for a night of baked goods, cuddling, & Netflix 🍪🎬👯

Numéro Issue # 30, February 2002
Back to the side job. #Chesstutor #giuocopiano #D1S
Von Scheve - Teichman.
Berlín, 1907. 
I’m a sucker for a pretty cover

Anonymous asked: I'm 119 lbs yet ppl like you make me feel overweight. I hope you die sickening whore huge cunt disgusting piece of shit hope you get cancer in all your body, die from malnourishment and never be able to sleep again, not even for a couple of minutes until insomnia finally kills you and you go to hell where you belong. I'm sure you're lying when you're saying you're not anorexic. I bet you only eat dick (for a living) and your daddy killed himself, stop being in denial.

Ok but will you deliver my eulogy?

Anonymous asked: is there any certain musicians that you feel just give you comfort? or have soothing voices? idk

phil collins, al green, sam cooke, etta james, frank sinatra, ben e. king

Anonymous asked: why don't you just admit that you and your bf are having trouble in paradise? he finally realized you're nothing but a gold digger and you realized that hell be 50 soon and you'll still be a dumb bitch

You guys honestly scare me but at the same time fascinate me. Live long.

Anonymous asked: I find it weird you don't follow your boyfriend on Instagram

I find it weird that people like you take the time to look through who I’m following to check. Random people like you adding him is the reason I unfollowed him.

Anonymous asked: so earlier you said something like "we all take nude photos" and I understand you were saying it to express how you don't think people should be shamed for it but since when do we all take nude photos? you might do it and think its normal but some people have more class (just saying no offense)

Yes, taking nude photos/sending them to my boyfriend… very unclassy.

Supermodels backstage at Chanel S/S 1991

Anonymous asked: Really madison? your epitome of beauty is lena dunham? your anorexic ass needs to fall back smh. why do you think it's ok to shame someone for their appearance? because she's not as waif like as you or the models you stan on your shitty blog all day?

What? Why are you assuming that I was joking when I said Lena.

Also, I don’t see size. Just people.