Viggo Mortensen & Kirsten Dunst in The Two Faces of January

Three films a day, three books a week, and records of great music would be enough to make me happy to the day I die.

— François Truffaut
angela lindvall photographed by nick knight for dior, fall 2003


A list of direct streaming links of all of the academy award nominated films for best picture (2014- 86th Academy Awards)


Anonymous asked: last year you made a post with links to watch all of the oscar nominated movies can you please reblog that link? i think it had the link to "her" and "captain phillips" and i really want to watch those! pleeease xoxoxo

I’ll try to find it. I’m not sure if all of the links are still active.

Fruit of Paradise (1970)Director: Vera Chytilová

leonardodicraprio asked: beware, i went a few weeks with eating under 250 calories a day - it killed my metabolism. it's taken me a year to get it back and maintain on 1200 - 1400.

I don’t think I would choose the fasting route that restricts me to that few calories. More so just eating within a specific time frame. For me it will probably be between 2-8 PM. There are a few different forms but I think that one works best for me.

all of us
"gstaad.high" catherine mcneil by tung walsh for pop magazine, fall 2010

Going through your archive and realizing that at one point your blog was actually good/entertaining

a sweet surprise after a long day at work 🌷🌹

We’re all children of Kubrick, aren’t we? Is there anything you can do that he hasn’t done?

—  Paul Thomas Anderson