Linda Evangelista by Juergen Teller for i-D, November 1993
Casino (1995)Director: Martin Scorsese

I want love, but it’s impossible. A man like me, so irresponsible.

— Elton John, I Want Love
"fantasy" audrey marnay by eric traoré for visionaire #26
michael pitt photographed by mason poole for flaunt magazine, may 2014
"hippie trip" tricia helfer photographed by philip newton for vogue spain, april 1996

Anonymous asked: Wait lol, so people are saying that you have aids because you reposted a picture of Sean Connery that they posted first? Do these people have jobs or lives?

Apparently Lol

Anonymous asked: elizabitchtaylor posted on her page that you're biphobic and called you gross and then admitted that she said it for no reason and doesn't know what you said that made you biphobic

I don’t know who that is but I think I’ll survive his or her baseless claims. The drama on here lately has been tedious.

Thierry Mugler S/S 1992
Stephen King, his characters, & a ouija board