Lily Cole photographed by Iain McKell for Vogue Italia, November 2006
 Kasia Struss at Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009

Krizia Robustella,  Spring/Summer 2015
Elvis Presley in Miami, looking to purchase a ‘56 Lincoln Continental Mark II, August 4, 1956
Adriana Karembeu photographed by Claudio Alessandri for L’Optimum France, 1996

Anonymous asked: For some reason i knew you would be a Hesse fan (or at least a Hesse reader) i've only read one book of his! is it worth it to read more?

I’m going to go ahead and assume the one Hesse book you’ve read is “Siddartha”, which is unfortunate because although it’s a decent book it is far from his best one. I really enjoyed some of his books and others are in my opinion overrated but he has a lot of work that I’ve yet to read.

Our friendship has no other purpose, no other reason, than to show you how utterly unlike me you are.

— Hermann Hesse, Narcissus and Goldmund

'Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest.' — Hermann Hesse

Anonymous asked: Being a surgeon would obviously be a fine and prestigious career choice and I really have zero doubt that you could do it but I think for you it would be such a waste. You obviously have a personality and a talent in both humor and writing it would be a shame if you didn't pursue something that drew on your creativity. I think even something in the legal field or in business would have a lot of opportunities but medical is limiting. I say you stay in film, is this message offensive? I hope not!

Not at all. You sound like many of my friends.

Anonymous asked: if you did decide to go to med school and become like a doctor or a surgeon you would definitely be voted the hottest one lol

Yeah, because after what would be near a decade of exhausting training and preparation to step into the practice of a surgeon or a doctor, all anyone would ever want is to be voted “the hottest” in their field.